How To Do Recheck Request Re-Evaluation for ICSE ISC Exams

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The Requests for recheck of the subject levels offered to the students who appeared for the present academic year’s the ICSE/ISC Exam can only be surrendered to the Council online over the internet.

  • Recheck is CISCE’s Paid Service. For every recheck, Schools / candidates will be needed to remit the charges (as mentioned by the Council), that shall be made online through the official website. The charges to be remitted for the recheck is Rupees one thousand only per subject per candidate, for the running year of Examination.
  • The Online Recheck website is open for seven days from the date of release of results.
  • The correctness of a subject grade awarded will be verified on request, in one or above papers, given that the Head of the School / candidate give the application online.
  • The applications for recheck should be applied online and should be had at the Council’s office within the determined time.
  • The date of announcement will be notified by the officials of Council during the time of publication of the results.
  • The recheck is restricted to verifying whether
  • All the question answers have been marked,
  • There has been an error in the summing of marks for every question in the subject and transferring the marks properly onto the 1st cover page of the answer sheet,
  • The continuation sheets annexed to the answer booklet, as indicated by the student, are intact.
  • No further re-evaluation of the answer script or other work made by the candidate as part of the exam will be taken out.
  • No pupil, person or organisation shall be comfort to claim re-evaluation or disclosure or inspection of the answer papers or copies of it and associated documents as these are considered as most secret by the Council.
  • The recheck will be done by a competent authority fixed by the Chief Executive and Secretary of the Council.
  • By rechecking the scripts, if it is known that there is a mistake, the marks will be amended accordingly.
  • The interaction on the marks revision, if any, shall be forwarded online to the Head of the School / candidate.
  • The Council will not be accountable for any loss or damage or any unease made to the candidate, consequent to the amendment of marks and no claims in this respect shall be considered.
  • In case of any modification in grade / marks awarded to the student, the candidate will be needed to remit the original Statement of Marks & Pass Certificate or only the Statement of Marks, depending on the case may be, to the applicant’s.
  • The school will wind the same to the Office of the Council for replacement of the document(s).
  • The Council shall alter the essential document(s) in respect of like candidates whose results have modified only after the originally issued document(s) have been given back by Head of the School.
  • The candidates should take the corrected document(s) from their concerned schools.
  • Applications for recheck can be surrendered only for the subject(s) in which the student had the examination in the present year of Examination.
  • The Payment for recheck requests being given, should be done online through the payment gateway.
  • There is refund of Payment except in case of an alteration in grade / marks awarded to the ward.
  • And in such case, it shall be made to the similar payment instrument, which was utilized for doing the online payment for the recheck request charges.
  • The confirmation of the Chief Executive & Secretary of the Council on the result of the scrutiny and recheck shall be last.
  • The Online Recheck occurs in 3 phases
    • User Registration
    • Addition of Recheck Request
    • Payment

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    Want the marks scored in CISCE ICSE 10th class examination 2017 result

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    Need the CISCE ISC Class Xth examination 2017 result School wise

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