2017 Olympiad POF Exam Pattern & Syllabus

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What is the advantage of pupil by writing Olympiad exams?
Upon giving 1st level Olympiad, wards can justify themselves academically at 3 various levels within the school level, city level and state level. Each student is offered a student performance report in short called as SPR. This report makes the student analyse his / her strong & weak fiels. SPR provides a brief performance comparison of the student to the other students at school, city as well as state level. The state / national toppers from every class are recognized at a grand prize.

What is the eligibility to give Olympiad Exams?
Any student from the class III to X are qualified to write the second level Olympiad.
The Class toppers from individual class from every school to a minimum of ten students from each class take the exam scores over 50% qualifying marks are entitled to sit 2 nd level Olympiad.

What is PMO syllabus?
The PMO syllabus is the syllabus as formed by the CBSE, and ICSE boards. The syllabus detail are also available on the official website.

Is it permissible to appear for the PMO again?
Sure. It gives us chance to enhance previous ranking, and with that being successful in making so, you will again be qualified for certificates & prizes.

My school has already delivered the application registration form. I am missed out and I wish to register myself for the Olympiad exam. What one should do?
Yes you can ask your school officials to forward your relevant particulars and fee instantly to us. It will be accepted as it reaches before the due date of registration.

What is the examination pattern and structure?
The pattern and structure are available in the authorized portal www.pofindia.com.

Can one sit for more than one Olympiad exam?
Yes definitely can write in more than one Olympiad exam.

What is the medium of Olympiad?
The language of the olympiad exam is English.

I have not had my Roll No./ Admit Card/ Participation Certificate so far. I have verified with my school authorities and they do not in acknowledgement of the same what is the procedure?
Ask your principal to convey us about the non-receipt of the same. We will give away duplicate copies to your school at the earliest possible.

We are fewer than 10 students in our school who want to take part in this Olympiad. Is it viable to enrol for the test?
For lower than ten pupils a school, it is not recommended for the foundation to conduct PMO.

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